Walking and active holidays in Corsica

Colours of Autumn

The excitement of summer simmers down and walkers are few and far between. The island of beauty offers some glorious colours in the Autumn. With the transition from summer to winter, the high slopes glow with golden orange leaves and red berries. 

Those who do come to Corsica late, or out of season are welcomed into a more intimate, private atmosphere.  The island shifts into another rhythm, fires are lit in the hearth and life gets cosy. The menus in the restaurant include seasonal specialities, such as, cèpe mushrooms, oysters de Diane, chestnuts and fresh brochiu cheese.

Enjoy the russet colours, in the Golu Valley .

Relax by a rock pool and take advantage of the warm winter sun

Pick up a fresh Brocchiu cheese from a working shepherd’s cabin - It is truly delicious, it can be made from either goat or sheep milk, or a mix of the two. It is made from the whey and 25% whole milk is added. Production begins in November, after the young have been weaned, through to May/June when the milk becomes less thick. Brocciu must contain at least 40% fat. You can find it in local pastries such as Fiadone, imbrucciate.  It’s  used to make cheese & mint omelettes. Or, equally delicious plain, with a simple sprinkle of salt.