For our selfguided cycling and hiking holidays, we offer you the corresponding GPS track integrated into our hiking app. You can also insert it into your own GPS device if you wish. Hikes with GPS (Global Positioning System) tracks make it easy for walkers to find their way around the trails. 

The Corsica Aventure application, a digital travel guide

We have developed a smartphone application to make your journey easier, enrich your experience, keep in touch with you and offer you even greater security.

Managing your stage

Even in the absence of network coverage, you'll benefit from reliable GPS navigation from the start to the end of your ride. A precise guidance system keeps you informed of your position in real time. An alert will warn you if you deviate from the planned route. Right from the start, the route to your accommodation is clearly defined. This constant guidance gives you an overview of your progress, showing your exact location, the kilometres covered and those remaining, and the gradient to the finish.

Preview Application de randonnée Corsica Aventure
Preview Application de randonnée Corsica Aventure
Preview Application de randonnée Corsica Aventure
Preview Application de randonnée Corsica Aventure

Information about your surroundings

We enrich your travel experience by providing you with targeted information on places to discover, the best addresses and exceptional panoramas. As you approach a point of interest, a notification informs you, sharing with you in-depth knowledge about nature, history and culture. These details are integrated into your digital roadbook in the form of interactive content, offering real-time descriptions accompanied by text, photos and audio commentary for complete immersion.

Constant contact with us - Increased safety

Preview Page SOS Appli

From your app, whether on the trail or back at your hotel, you can send us a message, photo or video to share your experience, an encounter, ask us a question or make a comment about the route.

The SOS page gives you information about your position to +/- 10 m. You can text us this position or call 112 directly and give them your location. Saving time for a faster response

For your safety

Our app is a complementary tool for your hike, but it does not replace the orientation skills you need with an IGN map, a compass and a paper topo-guide, especially in the high mountains. 
To ensure your safety, bring a spare battery or charger, because even though the application can run in aeroplane mode to save battery power, it is essential to have an additional source of energy.