Mountain lakes in Corsica

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The mountains, with their breathtaking scenery, are a real treasure trove for Corsican hikers and nature lovers. Among its many attractions, the mountain lakes stand out for their beauty and diversity. Here's a look at some of the most remarkable lakes in the Corsican mountains.

Lakes dug out over 10,000 years ago 

All of Corsica's high-altitude lakes were formed by glaciers. These lakes often occupy areas of overcrowding behind a rocky bar that acts as a glacial lock. It is not uncommon to find several superimposed lakes in the same valley. In this case, the upper lake is always the deepest. For example: Capitello 42 m with Melo 15.5 m; Scapuccciole 9 m with Bracca 6.5 m; Vitalaca 3.5 m with the two lakes of Oru 15 and 8 m.

Corsica's lakes in figures

The largest: Lake Rotondo 7.4 hectares, Lake Nino 6.5 hectares, Lake Melo 6.2 hectares, Lake Capitello 5.5 hectares, Lake Bastani 4.3 hectares.

  • Deepest: Capitello lake: 42m, Rotondo lake: 35m, Bastani lake: 24m, Cinto lake: 15m.
  • Closest to the road: Lac de Melo 1h walk, Lac de Creno 1h30 walk, Lac de Bastani 1h30 walk.

Some of Corsica's remarkable lakes

Lake Creno

The Lac de Creno, bordered by a pine forest and partially covered in water lilies, offers an easy trail, ideal for a family hike. Donkeys can be hired on site.

Lake Goria

This superb, solitary lake at the foot of Lombarduccio in the Monte Renosu massif is an ideal place to recharge your batteries. The water is crystal clear, but a good level of fitness is required, especially at the start of the season due to the snow.

Lakes of Melo and Capitello

These two lakes are located in the Restonica valley, near Corte. Lake Capitello, situated above Lake Melo, is frozen for around six months of the year due to its high altitude.

Lake Nino

Surrounded by green meadows and "pozzines", this glacial lake offers exceptional views of the Corsican peaks. The route starts in a pine forest and crosses pastures in a remarkable mineral setting.

Lake Bastani

Located at the foot of Punta Bacinello and facing Monte Renoso, this glacial lake is distinguished by its emerald green colour due to the presence of filamentous algae. It is one of the highest lakes in Corsica.

Lake Oriente

This lake, at the foot of Monte Rotondo, is accessible via a steep, stony path. Even in summer, snow can be found here. It is possible to climb Monte Rotondo, the second highest massif in Corsica.

Lake Cintu

This lake, of glacial origin, lies to the south-west of Monte Cintu, in the middle of a lunar landscape. The hike can be extended to the summit of Monte Cintu, Corsica's highest point.

Lakes of Rina

The Rina lakes, suttanu (bottom) and suprano (top), lie at the foot of Punta Capella opposite Monte Renosu. They offer a variety of landscapes, with walks through forests of laricio pine and beech, surrounded by magnificent panoramas.

Bracca Lake

This lake, at the foot of Punta A Vetta in the commune of Bastelica, has a distinctive horseshoe shape and a depth of 8 metres. It is an exceptional natural site, but its difficult and steep access is reserved for experienced hikers.

Lake Rotondo

The largest lake in Corsica, located in the Monte Rotondo massif, covers an area of 7.4 hectares. Its impressive altitude makes it a spectacular spot for hikers.