The peaks of Corsica

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With an average altitude of 568 m, Corsica is the highest of the Mediterranean islands, hence its nickname of "mountain in the sea". The main peaks of Corsica are located in the geological era of ancient, crystalline Corsica, which forms a unique chain that covers around two-thirds of the island. Just 180 km long and 82 km wide, Corsica boasts 120 peaks over 2,000 m in altitude, divided into four massifs. The highest peak is 2,706 m (Monte Cinto). Climbing the most beautiful peaks on a number of hiking routes in Corsica also offers an opportunity to discover the flora and fauna, sheepfolds, lakes, valleys... 

Mountains and hiking in Corsica: discover the peaks and massifs

The 7 Corsican mountain ranges

  • In Cap Corse, the Monte Stello massif 1306m with the Cima di e Follicie 1324m
  • In the north, the Cinto massif 2706m, which stretches from the Balagne to the Vergio pass.
  • In the centre-north, the Monte Rotondo massif 2622m, located between Corte and Vico.
  • In the centre-south, the Monte Renoso massif at 2352m, from the Col de Vizzavona to the Col de Verde.
  • In the south, the Monte Incudine massif at 2134m, stretching from the Col de Ver to the Freto micro-region in the far south.
  • In Castagniccia, the Monte San Pedrone massif at 1767m.
  • In Nebbio, the Monte Astu massif at 1535m.

The most beautiful hikes to the summits of Corsica

Monte Cinto / Monte Cintu

Monte Cinto is the highest peak in Corsica, at 2706 m altitude. On a clear day, Corsica's highest mountain offers an imposing panoramic view. Whether you're coming from Lozzi or the resort of Asco, the climb is relatively long. Make sure you get an early start for this long route over rocky terrain.

Technical info : Duration: 7h30 walk, Difference in altitude: +1391m, -1391m, Difficulty: difficult rocky terrain 

Monte Rotondo / Monte Ritondu

At 2622m, Monte Rotondo is Corsica's second highest peak. It rises above the Res¬to¬nica valley at Corte. It is also one of the largest mas¬sifs on the island. It is home to most of the island's alpine lakes, as well as a large part of the fauna and flora of the Corsican mountains. The ascent can be made via the Verghjellu valley, passing through the well-known Petra Piana refuge. 

Technical info : Duration: 9 hours' walking, Difference in altitude: +1600m, -1600m, Difficulty: difficult rocky terrain

Monte Renosu / Monte Rinosu

Monte Renoso, at 2352m, lies between the Vizzavona and Verde passes, at the junction of the communes of Bastelica, Bocognano and Ghisoni. It is the third highest peak on the island, making it the highest point in the southern part of Corsica. Climbing Monte Renoso offers splendid views of Lake Bastani, the great peaks of Monte d'Oro and Rotondo and, further north, Paglia Orba and Monte Cinto. 

Technical info : Duration: 4 hours' walking, Difference in altitude: +655m, -655m, Difficulty: rocky path at the end

Monte Incudine / L'Alcudina

Monte Incudine (2134m) is a not-to-be-missed hike in the south of the island. On the way up, you'll cross the Cuscionu plateau between Laricio pine forests and vast expanses of greenery. From the summit, the scenery is breathtaking, with sweeping views over the whole of the Corsican mountains, the Valinco bays and the east coast of the island. 

Technical info : Duration: 7h00 walk, Difference in altitude: +584m, -584m, Difficulty: rocky path at the end

Other Corsican summits to discover

Le Capu a u Verdatu (2 583 m), La Punta Minuta (2 556 m), La Paglia Orba (2 525 m), Le Capu Larghia (2 503 m), Le Capu Tafunatu (2 335 m), La Punta Licciola (2 235 m), La Cima a i Mori (2 180 m), La Muvrella (2 148 m), Le Monte Corona (2 144 m), Le Capu a u Dente (2 029 m), La Maniccia (2 496 m), Le Monte Cardo (2 453 m), Le Monte d'Oro (2 389 m), La Punta Artica (2 327 m), La Punta alle Porte (2 313 m), La Cimatella (2 101 m), La Punta alla Vetta (2 255 m), La Punta Capannella (2 250 m), Le Monte Niello (2 157 m), La Punta Sfronditata (2 121 m), La Punta dell'Oriente (2 112 m),  La Punta Scaldasole (2 101 m), La Punta della Capella (2 041 m).