There are two ways to get to Corsica, either by air from mainland France or certain European capitol cities or overland by car or train, and then by sea. Public transport on the island is limited so your entry point to the island should be chosen with care for the start of your walk. 

Fly to Corsica

Corsica is a French island located in the heart of the Mediterranean, just 80km from the coast of Italy and 170km from mainland France. Accessible from many European countries during the summer months, the island has 4 international airports, Calvi & Bastia in North Corsica, and Figari Corse du Sud and Ajaccio in South Corsica. There are many direct flights from France and other major European cities, with many other connecting flights for those from further afield. Please call us for further information.

Direct Flights from the UK

London Heathrow - Bastia  BA27 May - 30 September (-----S-)
London Gatwick - Figari Easyjet02 July - 03 September (-----S-)
London Gatwick - Bastia Easyjet13 May - 28 October (-T---S-)
London Gatwick - Calvi Easyjet02 July - 03 September (--W---S)
London Heathrow - Figari BA27 May - 30 September (-----S-)
London Stansted - Calvi Air Corsica15 May - 01 October (------S)
London Stansted - Ajaccio Air Corsica 14 May - 24 September (------S)

Direct Flights from France & Europe

Paris CDG - Ajaccio, BastiaAir Corsica
Paris CDG - Ajaccio, BastiaEasyjet
Paris ORY - Ajaccio, Bastia, Figari, CalviAir Corsica
Marseille - Ajaccio, BastiaAir Corsica
Nice - Ajaccio, BastiaAir Corsica
Toulouse - AjaccioAir Corsica
Brussels - AjaccioAir Corsica
Lyon - BastiaAir Corsica / Easyjet
Geneva - Ajaccio, BastiaEasyjet
Salzburg - Ajaccio Air Corsica
Salzburg - CalviAir Corsica
Zurich - AjaccioAir Corsica
Vienne - CalviAir Corsica
Rome - BastiaAir Corsica
Rome - AjaccioAir Corsica
Toulouse - BastiaEasyjet
Oslo - AjaccioNorwegian
Copenhagen - BastiaNorwegian
Stockholm - BastiaNorwegian
Gotteburg - BastiaAir Corsica
Rotterdam - BastiaTransavia
Correct at time of publishing. Low cost flights and charter flights available, please ask for details of the best route available. Above is just a selection of routes, other connections include Nantes, Bordeaux, Lille, Rennes, Berlin.

Airports in Corsica

On arrival at all Corsican airports, you will walk or take a short bus ride from the aircraft across the tarmac to the terminal building. There will be French passport control.

Ajaccio Airport

Ajaccio Napoléon Bonaparte Airport AJA is situated 5km from the centre of Ajaccio.  It is Corsica’s main airport but is still very small. There is a shuttle bus service to Ajaccio town centre. 

Airport facilities include

  • Tourist information desk
  • Taxis outside arrivals hall
  • Car rental services (outside terminal building)
  • Cafés, Tabac /   Souvenir Shop
  • Cash Point
  • WCs
Bastia Airport

Bastia Poretta BIA airport is 17km to the south of Bastia, Haute Corse. It has a bus shuttle service with Bastia town centre and is 4km from the station at Casamozza.

Airport facilities include

  • Tourist information desk
  • Taxis outside arrivals hall
  • Car rental services
  • Cafés, Tabac / Presse / Souvenir shop
  • Cash Point
  • WCs (payable)
Calvi Airport

Calvi Sainte-Catherine CLY airport is 8km east of Calvi, Haute Corse. It is a small airport with very limited facitlities and no public transport. 

Airport facilities include

  • Tourist information desk
  • Taxis outside arrivals hall
  • Car rental services
  • Café, Tabac / Presse
  • WCs
Figari Sud-Corse Airport

Figari Sud-Corse Airport FSC is situated around 25km from Porto Vecchio and Bonifacio, Corse du Sud. It has a limited shuttle bus service to Porto Vecchio and is 4km from Figari village.

Airport facilities include

  • Limited taxis outside arrivals hall – prebooking essential
  • Car rental services (outside terminal building)
  • Café, Tabac / Presse
  • WCs

Overland Travel

Corsica is a hop over the Med from both mainland France and the coastal towns of northern Italy. Car ferries run from Marseille, Toulon, and Nice to Ajaccio, L'Ile Rousse, Propriano, Porto Vecchio and Bastia. These crossings are long, taking anything from 6 to 12 hours, private cabins or seats are available. Crossings are with Corsica Linea, La Meridionale, and Corsica Ferries. Sardinia can be reached by ferry from Bonifacio.

The port towns of Marseille, Toulon and Nice are easily accessible on the French TGV network SNCF. There is also a direct Eurostar service from London to Marseille.

Our added extras

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