For sustainable tourism and environmentally-friendly leisure activities

Ecotourism, or responsible tourism that respects the environment, has been at the heart of our approach from the very beginning. Our activities, based on the discovery of nature and "green tourism", are by nature low-polluting.

A responsible agency that favours quality over quantity

In contrast to mass tourism, walking and cycling encourage you to discover our natural and cultural heritage and meet new people. When we design our holidays, we ensure that all the conditions are in place for an optimal experience, with respect for legislation and the environment at the core.  More than just an ideology or a theoretical approach, these principles are the very essence of our business as a nature tourism operator.

Our business as a tour operator in a few words

  • Trips in small groups to immerse yourself in the heart of nature
  • Stages designed to encourage discovery and encounters
  • Non-polluting activities: walking, donkey trekking, sea kayaking, cycling, etc. 
  • Accommodation on a personal scale
  • Local guides who share their knowledge and culture
  • A contribution to maintaining the local economic fabric through economic spin-offs for our partners

Our actions to limit the impact of our holidays in Corsica

  • Reduce vehicle travel as much as possible, pool logistics for transporting luggage, and favour off-the-beaten-track itineraries away from mass tourism.
  • Limit the size and number of our groups, bearing in mind that not everything is for sale.
  • Use public transport whenever possible (train, scheduled bus, etc.).
  • Favour electric and hybrid taxis.
  • Educate and inform our customers and teams about waste reduction. For our refreshments and picnics, give preference to bulk products, as we recycle as much of our waste as possible. 
  • Establish balanced, long-term relationships with our service providers by making them aware of the importance of preserving biodiversity.

Our improvement projects

  • Upgrade our vehicles to hybrid versions.
  • Continue to raise our partners' awareness of environmental issues.
  • Reduce the impact of our holidays.
  • Move away from areas and itineraries that are already too busy at certain times of the year.