The Eco-Hiker

Insider Tips

Corsica's Tourist board promotes the “Island of Beauty” as a "natural reserve in its raw state", attracting and moitivating visitors with its wild and preserved landscape and its pleasant climate. Enthusiasm for hiking and the great outdoors has never been stronger, so how can you limit your environmental impact…?

Small Gestures for Big Impact


You should ask yourself, "Do I really need to change my gear?" Let's start by asking ourselves this question before buying new and ask yourself...

  • Is this equipment comfortable, will it provide me with optimal comfort for my hike?
  • Are its technical characteristics adapted to my exercise?
  • Is it essential? Can I rent it for the trail or borrow it from a friend?
  • What is its lifespan worth? Will I use it for several years?
  • Does its design take the environmental impact into account?

Keep on the trails

Hiking is a pretty eco-friendly outdoor activity on the face of it, but its impact can be terrible on the environment specifically if we do not respect a certain number of rules. It is common sense to stay on the marked trails. Taking the trail and not the shortcuts, you participate in the preservation of the fauna and flora present.

In addition, hiking trails often cross private property, land where livestock roams free. As a responsible hiker, be sure to close gates and barriers behind you, you don't want to get on the wrond side of the farmer !

Limit your waste

Rubbish bins are not frequent in the mountains, and that's a good thing ! Unfortunately, there are still far too many traces of hikers: food packaging, plastic bottles, loo roll etc. It is necessary to carry all waste out with you and do your really need to use a tissue for a pee !

Corsica Aventure's advice: always have a reusable bag with you that will serve as a rubbish bin. Think of those who come after you, they don't want to see a trail of destruction and rubbish !

The concept of zero waste when hiking is the same as everyday: limit disposable and plastic packaging as much as possible, abandon single-use containers, try to prepare the picnic yourself and collect all the waste generated during your picnic stop.

Take your own water bottle and snacks in reusable Tupperware. By limiting single-use plastics, we limit waste.

Keep the Water un-polluted

Water is precious in Corsica, especially in the mountains. Don't relieve yourself near a watercourse, do not wash your dishes directly in a water source. If you want to take advantage of the wonderful natural pools that Corsica has to offer, don't put on sunscreen just before swimming, it destroys the bio-diversity !

Respect other hikers

Most hikers come to the mountains to enjoy the peace and the wide open spaces. Don't spoil their fun! Whether for wildlife or other hikers, try not to talk too loud and leave your portable speaker at home, no one wants to hear David Guetta on the summit of Alcudine. 

In addition, if you go through guarded refuges, introduce yourself as soon as you arrive to the guardians and say hello to all the teams. A smile is worth a thousand words after a hard day of hiking, and they’ll treat you better, believe us.

Now everything is said. You are ready to hike and explore all trails responsibly. You have the cards in hand to combine pleasure and respect for the environment.

Enjoy the trail !