The spirit of Corsica Aventure is above all a team of specialists in adventure holidays who share the same philosophy and are united around strong values such as the preservation of the mountains, fair tourism and respect for the environment... Over the years, your loyalty and your tendency to turn to a locally-based structure have confirmed our initial decisions.

Ethics - Respect for the environment

Beauty, authenticity and the rarity of a place are things that everyone is looking for. Corsica is fortunate to have a unique natural environment that we want to preserve, while considering that not everything is for sale. This is reflected in our concern to keep the number of people on holiday to a minimum, to respect natural resources as much as possible and thus contribute to the harmonious development of tourism.

Contact and a personalised offer

Our size allows us to be highly adaptable, so we do everything we can to ensure that our service is always tailored to your objectives and your budget, for the best possible quality.

The quality of our services

From the moment you register to the end of your holiday, we leave no stone unturned, because for us, the quality of a holiday depends above all on well-designed itineraries. We take particular care in selecting our accommodation. Our picnics and meals are prepared using local produce. Where necessary, we provide energy supplements on site, for example on sporting routes such as the GR20.

Qualified staff

The holidays on offer are supervised by qualified instructors specialising in their field. Living on site, they will pass on their passion for the mountains and their knowledge of Corsica. Depending on the holiday you choose, you'll be in the company of: high mountain guides, canyoning instructors, kayaking instructors, sailing instructors or mid-mountain guides.

Fair and transparent prices

The success of a holiday depends above all on the quality of the services provided for the price asked. Our all-inclusive package includes all the services you need to make your holiday a success. At Corsica Aventure, there are no surprises - everything is clearly indicated in advance!

Your safety - your guarantees

Anticipating risks is an essential part of validating all our tours. Whether in the mountains or at sea, our priority is to ensure that our logistics are well organised and that you are professionally supervised. Our experience in organising and supervising treks is one of the added values of the holidays offered by Corsica Aventure.

Local economy

Tourism has an impact on the local economy, and we make sure that our partners (guides, transporters, hoteliers) benefit materially through the redistribution of the financial spin-offs from our holidays. It's our way of making a modest contribution to the development and maintenance of the Corsican mountain economy, to which we are very attached.