From the legendary GR20 to the picturesque Mare e Monti and the diverse Mare a Mare routes, embark on unforgettable journeys through Corsica's stunning landscapes. Join us as we guide you through rugged mountains, lush forests, and quaint villages, immersing you in the timeless beauty and rich culture of this captivating island.Our agency also offers a wide range of walks in Corsica to suit everyone.

The island's main trails

Corsica is a mountainous island offering a wide variety of spectacular scenery for hikers of all levels. With more than 120 peaks over 2000m in altitude, Corsica is like a mountain rising out of the sea. It is by far the most mountainous of all the Mediterranean islands. Its average altitude is around 560m, and its highest peak is Monte Cinto, at 2,706m.

There are several major hiking routes in Corsica, and many hikers come to the island to cover them on foot. The famous GR20 crosses the island from Calenzana to Conca. But there are other routes too, such as Mare a Mare and Mare e Monti. In addition to these major walks, there are the customs officers' trail in Cap Corse and the old transhumance paths, of which there are quite a few on the island.

The GR20

This is the main long-distance hiking trail that crosses Corsica from north to south. There is no doubt that the GR20 is one of the best trails in the world. Its reputation precedes it, and most hikers who take it describe it, in retrospect, as one of the most difficult they have ever walked. The route climbs high into the mountains and stays there for days, taking ordinary hikers into terrain usually reserved for mountaineers.


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The Mare e Monti

The Mare e Monti itineraries are walking routes that allow you to discover the island's mountain and coastal landscapes. There are two Mare e Monti routes: one in the south and the other in the north of Corsica, each offering a unique experience. The northern Mare e Monti is easily accessible, being just 10km south of Calvi. The Mare e Monti South starts near to Ajaccio, and it's easy to organise a return bus journey at the end of your stay.


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The Mare a Mare

There are three Mare a Mare itineraries in Corsica: one in the south, one in the centre and one in the north. All start on the east coast of Corsica and cross the island to reach the sea in the west, passing from valley to valley. These trails offer a variety of landscapes, passing through hilltop villages and offering spectacular views. The Mare à Mare nord runs from Moriani to Cargèse in 10 stages. The Mare à Mare centre links Ghisonaccia in the east to Porticcio in 7 stages. The Mare à Mare south runs from Porto-Vecchio to Propriano in 5 stages.


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The customs officers' trail

The customs officers' trail has become a must if you want to discover the Cap Corse. It allows you to cover the northern tip of Corsica between the ports of Macinaggio and Centuri without any particular difficulty. This unusual walk allows you to discover the richness of the cape: Genoese towers, cliffs, fauna, flora, scrubland, dunes and beaches...


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