The Moor's Head

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The Moor's Head is the Corsican symbol and it can be seen on flags throughout the island, but not on just flags, Corsican owned boats; properties and aircraft, even our logo carry this symbol, but where does it find its origins...?

The MOOR’S HEAD symbol dates to the 13th century, when the ARAGONESE were given rights over CORSICA by the Pope after their victory over the SARACENS. They portrayed their acquisition by the MOOR'S HEAD. It was, however, forgotten in CORSICA during the subsequent GENOESE occupation when the VIRGIN MARY (the patron Saint of Corsica) was used to symbolise CORSICA

In the 18th century the German adventurer, THÉODORE VON NEUHOFF (who became king of Corsica for 6 months in 1736) chose the forgotten MOOR'S HEAD as the National flag. Twenty years later it was re-established as the official Corsican flag by the great Corsican patriot: PASCAL PAOLI. 

He insisted that the bandana was moved from its original position covering the eyes (to the forehead) in order to symbolize the liberation of CORSICA. 

Any locally produced goods; official buildings; Corsican owned boats; properties and aircraft carry this symbol. All Corsican political parties (whatever the strength of their Nationalist tendencies) also use this emblem, but it is generally a simple statement of pride in their country.