Walking and active holidays in Corsica

GR20 South

You often hear that the southern section is easier than the northern section of the trail but don't be fooled, this is still a hard long walking trail.

Certainly the highest part of the trail is in the north, however, the southern part has some very long days. The ridges and plateaux sections are particularly exposed and the terrain can bring surprises - especially when the weather turns. If you have vertigo, some sections will cause issues, as a number of walkers find on the trail.


The GR20 does not boast an elaborate cuisine but you won’t go hungry! This is the hearty meal that is served at Usciolu refuge. A mix of spiral pasta, carrots and meat. If you want to eat gluten free, I would advise bringing a few of your own products to supplement the meals.


Here are two of the nightstops on the GR20 south. At Col de Verde, the small chalets are dotted about in the woods,  the showers and toilets are in a separate block. If you are walking towards the south,, this is the last private night stop before two park refuges, Prati and Usciolu were the comfort is more basic. The gite at Bavella which is two stages before the end.

After hike

The small town of Porto Vecchio on the Southern coast  is a great place to enjoy some après hike. There are several waterfront restaurants and bars to enjoy. The harbour is bustling, you can find boutique shops, ice cream stores and plenty of places for a delicious meal. The water in Porto Vecchio is breathtakinly clear, it lends itself to Stand up Paddle, or diving. There is a nearby nature reserve called ‘Cerbicale Islands’ it faces Palombaggai beach and is less than 5km from the coast. The small archipelago consists of  small islands Forana, Maestro, Maria, Piana and Pietricaggiosa, as well as, two rocky islets.  It is a paradise of fauna and the waters are populated with congers and groupers.