For years, our agency has been organising a wide range of trips on the GR20 for groups, individuals and agencies. At certain times of the year, when the GR20 is very popular, we have developed several solutions to avoid having too large groups in some of the smaller accommodations. 

Renowned local expertise

Corsica Aventure has in-depth knowledge of the Corsican terrain. As professional mountain guides, we have walked the GR20 for many years. This local expertise is essential for planning the best stages, choosing appropriate accommodation and advising on weather conditions and the particularities of the trail.

Our team maintains excellent relationships with the island's mountain community (shepherds, hut wardens, transporters) to ensure the smooth running of our walks. As pioneers of wilderness holidays on the GR20, we have adapted our services to include pre-booked accommodation and meals, and unique stays in private shepherds' huts.

We organise a wide range of trekking options on the GR20, including luggage transport, comfortable hotels, simplified bivouacs and accommodation in mountain refuges. Our logistical options include "lightened pack" packages, where you can take your luggage with you every other day, and " without baggage" packages, where your luggage is waiting for you every evening.

Itinerary planning according to level and budget

Our agency offers well-designed itineraries suitable for different levels of ability and endurance. We offer guided and self-guided packages, including options such as the GR20 South, the GR20 North, combined South and North, or the whole route. Accommodation varies according to the chosen option, from refuges to tents, gîtes or hotels.

  • Moderate level 2, for "Discovering the GR20 : A first approach with easier stages, an average of 4 to 5 hours' walking per day and a positive difference in altitude of 500 m to 700 m. These packages include logistical assistance, so you don't have to carry a rucksack.
  • Challenging level 3, for an "accessible GR20 : Revamped stages, with short transfers to get around the difficulties. On average, 5 to 6 hours' walking a day, with a positive difference in altitude of 700 m to 900 m. These packages include logistical assistance, so you don't have to carry a rucksack.
  • Level 4 Tough, "A GR20 as close as possible to the original route for purists” : Classic stages for experienced hikers, with 7 to 8 hours' walking a day, and a positive difference in altitude of 900 m to over 1000 m. These packages are available with or without a rucksack; we offer both options.
  • Level 5 Very Tough  "GR20 Trail for top sportsmen and women" : Double or even triple stages for experienced hikers capable of running in high mountains, covering an average of 25 km with over 2000 m of positive ascent per day. These packages do not require you to carry a rucksack. These packages do not involve carrying a rucksack and are available only in a guided version with a mountain leader.

Reservations for your accommodation on the GR20

As part of our partnership agreement with the Parc Naturel Régional de Corse, we will handle bookings for the trail's official refuges, as well as for other accommodation such as hotels and B&Bs located close to the route. This is crucial during the high season, when availability is often limited. It is important to point out that advance booking of refuges is mandatory. Depending on the option you choose, your accommodation will vary between refuges, gîtes, hotels and bivouacs in tents equipped with mattresses. On some stages, you will also have the opportunity to stay with shepherds for the night.

It is important to emphasise that it is compulsory to book huts in advance.

Meals adapted to the effort 

Every morning, after breakfast, you'll leave with a picnic lunch consisting of a fresh salad (pasta salad, rice salad, tabbouleh, etc.), cold meats, cheese and a dessert. During the walk, you will be provided with food adapted to the effort, such as Corsican biscuits, dried fruit and chocolate. In the evening, a hot meal based on Corsican specialities is waiting for you, prepared by the cooks in the gîtes or the refuge guardians. You don't have to worry about preparing your dinner or carrying the food.

Preview Repas du soir en refuge sur le GR20
Preview Petit-déjeuner en bergerie
Preview Refuge d'Usciolu

Luggage transport and transfers

We offer a luggage transport service to enable hikers to walk lighter, which is a considerable advantage, especially on a trail as demanding as the GR20. To this end, we work with local taxis and transporters, as well as muleteers for access beyond the main roads. What's more, during the season, for certain stages, our team of logisticians will take care of transporting your luggage. We also have a large, secure storage facility in the centre of Ajaccio, where you can store any luggage not used during the trek free of charge.

Preview Transfert en train Vizzavona GR20 Corsica Aventure
Preview Mules bergerie d'Asinao
Preview Gîte de Capannelle GR20 Sud Corsica Aventure

Safety, assistance and personalised customer support

During your GR20 trek, our team provides full logistical support, offering safety advice and assistance when needed. Our expertise in local emergency services and rescue procedures is a major asset in ensuring your safety. At the same time, we provide detailed advice on the necessary equipment and the specific preparations required for a successful tour.
With a focus on personalised customer experience, we ensure that every trekker receives the attention and advice they need.


Recharging your phone on the GR20 can be a challenge due to the limited access to electricity in refuges and camping areas. To start with, reduce your phone's battery consumption by deactivating unnecessary services such as mobile data and Bluetooth, and by using plane mode when connectivity is not required. By using it mainly for navigation or emergencies, you'll extend battery life. You can also carry one or more high-capacity external batteries. Lightweight, portable solar panels are also an effective solution, especially in summer. They can be attached to your rucksack to charge your phone while you're on the move.
On many of our tours, you'll be able to charge your phone in hotels or gites. We specify this information on each of our fact sheets.

Ciottulu di i Mori, at an altitude of 1,997 metres, is the highest of all the refuges on the GR20 route. It is located after the Bocca Foggiale pass, on the stage between the Tighjettu refuge and the Col de Vergio.

It's advisable to book as early as possible, as the GR20 is very popular at certain times of the year, and the refuges fill up quickly. Our agency can offer you a hut booking service, with packages including or excluding meals, depending on your choice.