Basic pack

Insider Tips

What is a basic pack? All Corsica Aventure hikers are lucky enough (on most of our trips) to carry only their day's essentials on the trek! Now you need to work out what to put in it... First of all, take a bag with a capacity of 30 to 40 litres, then fill it up according to the following categories.


  • 0.8L plastic box and cutlery for carrying your salads
  • The picnic distributed in the morning by the accommodation or the one you bought if you are on a half-board package.
  • A water bottle or water bag of at least 1.5 litres!
  • Cereal bars or dried fruit for when you're tired or hungry


  • The small first-aid kit you need to prevent minor accidents along the way: bandages, medicines, first aid...
  • Your personal medicines
  • A survival blanket

Clothing and accessories

  • Hat, cap or bonnet, depending on the season!
  • Swimming costume and towel for bathing on the route (tip: microfibre towels take up very little space and dry quickly!)

Sunglasses and sun cream

  • A spare pair of socks, which can also be used as a pair of gloves (clever!), and a spare T-shirt - you never know...
  • A waterproof jacket, a thick jumper or fleece, and a bin bag to shelter your belongings in case of rain or bad weather.

Personal items

  • Identity papers, personal insurance, health insurance card, cash (refuges and many accommodation establishments do not accept credit cards), all in an airtight bag!
  • Your precious mobile phone, charged, with recharge battery if necessary (on the GR20, there is no access to electricity at all stages), camera also charged, and a pocket ashtray for smokers.
  • IGN maps and topoguide if you're doing a self-guided tour!

So that's it, your day bag is ready, and off you go on an excellent hike!