Walking and active holidays in Corsica

Active Kids

Certain activities, kids will never say no to. On the other hand, going for a walk turns out to be, for many children, a much less attractive occupation. I often used to get, “no not another of your long hikes Mum”... Here are my tips (as a Mum of 3 sometimes not so active boys) on hiking motivation.


Don't use the word "hike." Words can cause pain… believe me, you can see it in their faces! It is therefore important to choose them well. The word "hiking" is often associated with physical effort without any playful aspect. Prefer to use "walk", "adventure" or “let’s go explore” for the more adventurous! The landscapes of Corsica are a perfect natural playground!


Integrate new companions

Group activity is great, creating friendships and bonds with those around. Do not hesitate to go in a group with other families, kids of any ages can make friends, and you too!


Be creative during the walk

Walking from point A to point B can be fun, yes ... But liven up your route with things to see, and do. A Genoese tower to climb, a beach to swim at, a rive to cross, rocks to scramble up !


Praise your young walkers

" Are we nearly there yet? "A recurring phrase that resonates in your heads as your kids set off to an unknown destination. Make them the actors of their day, maybe prepare your day together, let them lead the way and guide you, they will be all the more delighted.


Make the most of a day outdoors with the family Do not hesitate to take swimming breaks in the rivers or in the sea, choose a friendly place to have a picnic together, take pictures and above all, have fun!


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