Walking and active holidays in Corsica

Our real GR20

The GR20 is the grail, a challenging long distance hiking trail that crosses the Corsican mountains. With 200km of trail following the granite backbone of mountains that divide the island in two, and peaks of over 2000m altitude.  The GR20 is the best and toughest long distance hike out there! 

Which GR20 is for you...?

The GR 20 is a really sporty route, we know as we specialise in it. Whether you choose a self guided or guided version this trek is reserved for experienced walkers with a lot of experience in the mountains. After 50 years of existance, and post COVID, the GR20 is becoming more and more popular but you have to keep in mind that it remains the most difficult trek in Europe, to forget that simple fact would be to fail from the start, even putting yourself in danger. Do not overestimate your abilities, inform yourself and prepare your trip correctly, it will be worth it.

Acheive or fail...?

Despite recommendations, every year I still see a certain number of people overestimating themselves and committing themselves to the GR20. Certain give up after just a few days, I've sometimes heard people say, I didn't know it was so tough, believe me, it is !

In order to avoid financial loss, disappointment, a wasted holiday, as well as all the inconveniences of such a situation, my advice? Inform yourself well before making your decision. There are plenty of other more "comfortable" trails to do in Corsica. If in doubt, it is best to opt out of the GR20, try a Mare a Mare or Mare e Monti. Even our GR20 guided trip is a challenge as stages are doubled throughout, you have a heavy backpack a number of days, disturbed sleep, but we are there to help you and motivate you on the trek !

Roughing it on the trail.

The GR20 refuges are at strategic points at the end of the traditional stages. You can count on for shelter, water and in season (May to September) hearty food, but don't expect to be catered for if you have special dietary requirements. The refuges come under the Regional Corsican natural park’s authority, they are oversubscribed and under financed, but as well as the refuges, there are private accommodations dotted about along the way. Private accommodation such as Crocci Bergerie, offer an authentic welcome, hot showers, good food - their lasagne is legendary - and greater comfort in general.

You should also know that the Park refuges on the GR20 are old, small, with a fairly low level of comfort (think cold showers, little or no sanitary facilities - that spade may come in handy), no blankets, etc etc... in the event of bad weather or at certain times of year the refuges can be overcrowded - and although some are rustic, comfort is seriously lacking. Managed by guardians, normally with assistance, you should always find a fresh water spring in the vicinity, there are places to sleep inside the refuge, or tents with matresses outside, we tend to prefer tent accommodation as it offers some privacy.

For 2023 we are offering a number of new treks, including GR20 Integral English Guided trek that covers the whole route from Conca in the South to Calvi in the north.

For those who want to avoid refuge life and just want to do parts of the GR20, we have two new Self Guided options covering either the GR20 South or the GR20 North in hotels with some best of GR20 walking staying in mountain hotels en-route.

Alongside that and due to popular demand, we are offering two new "no frills"  hikes of either the GR20 South Complete - Vizzavona to Conca, or the GR20 - North Complete Vizzavona to Calenzana.