From Vizzavona to Calenzana, hike the entire northern GR20 in 9 days of challenging, self-guided walking, with optional luggage transfer and nights in dormitories and tents. This demanding section is almost 100 km long.

The northern section of the GR20 is a demanding hike covering almost 100 km, crossing landscapes with a very Alpine feel, and is considered to be more mineral than the southern section. The route starts in Vizzavona along the Agnone. You'll climb up to the Pointe de Muratellu before descending to the Onda sheepfolds. Following the alpine variant that leads to the Petra Piana refuge, the GR20 will take you up the ridges of the Serra di Tenda. This is followed by a wild stage offering panoramic views of the glacial lakes of Risono, Melo and Capitello, with a long traverse of the granite ridges to the Manganu refuge. After crossing the Camputile plateau, the trail passes Lake Nino, famous for its pozzines and lush green meadows, before reaching the Vergio forest. Past the Tighjettu refuge, the GR20 crosses the Cinto Massif via the Carrozzu and Ortu di u Piobbu refuges. Finally, the route ends at Calenzana, offering panoramic views of the Gulf of Calvi.  This version requires serious preparation and good mountain experience. If you'd like to do the route the other way round, please don't hesitate to contact us.


  • The whole of the north from Vizzavona to Calenzana
  • You carry your own bag. Luggage assistance available as an option
  • Point to point - 9 days walking with our app
  • Nights in dormitories and tents with all meals and picnics
  • Start in Vizzavona and end in Calenzana
10 days / 9 nights
Type of holidays
Calvi / Ile Rousse
4 - Tough
Lightened pack
With bag


Day 1

Arrive Vizzavona

Start of your stay in Vizzavona. Settle into your accommodation. Access by train from Ajaccio, Bastia or Calvi.

Night in Vizzavona
Day 2

Vizzavona to L'Onda

First steps on the GR20 north in a very mineral environment. The climb takes you through the Vizzavona forest to the cascade des Anglais. The GR runs alongside the Agnone stream and passes close to the Tortetto sheepfold. This is followed by a climb over rocky slabs towards the Pointe de Muratellu (2141 m). The panorama of the Monte Rotondu massif is breathtaking. The descent to the refuge and the Onda sheepfolds offers an opportunity to appreciate a pastoral area that is still active.

9 km
Ascent / descent
+970 m / -740 m
Night in Onda
Day 3

L'Onda to Petra Piana

A great day in the mountains with a traverse of the alpine variant leading to the Petra Piana refuge (1850 m). Leaving the Onda sheepfolds, you'll climb the ridges of the Serra di Tenda via Capu a Meta. The GR20 then takes you to the Pinzi Corbini peak (2021 m), from where you have a commanding view of part of the island's west coast, including the Bay of Ajaccio. The route is very wild, offering breathtaking panoramas. The route continues through the Serra Bianca before descending to Bocca Manganello (1790 m). At the end of the day, you'll arrive at the Petra Piana refuge.

7,5 km
Ascent / descent
+850 m / -450 m
Night in Petra Piana
Day 4

Petra Piana to Camputile plateau

This is a high mountain stage with a few technical sections equipped with chains. You will soon reach Bocca Muzzella (2206m) and enter the upper Restonica valley. From this point, the GR20 overlooks several glacial lakes: Risono, Melo and Capitello. From Bocca à Soglia to Bocca Alle Porte, the path follows a ridge dotted with large granite boulders. The views along the way are breathtaking. To the east, you'll have a view of the great peaks of the Rotondu massif, and to the west, the sea and the vast Gulf of Sagone. You will then descend through a vast scree to the source of the Filiccioni waterfall. Finally, a gentler route will take you to the Manganu refuge.

8,5 km
Ascent / descent
+780 m / -1020 m
Night in Vaccaghja
Day 5

Camputile Plateau to Col de Vergio

TThe GR20 descends to the Bocca d'Acqua Ciarnente (1703m) before reaching the Vaccaghja sheepfolds, crossing the vast Camputile plateau where herds of cows graze freely. You'll follow the Tavignano stream through a forest of beech trees shaped by time. The route then takes you past the old Campiglione refuge, and on to the Inzecche sheepfolds. You'll then be amazed by Lake Nino, with its magnificent pozzines and lush green meadows. Here, wild horses, cows and sheep revel in the fresh grass. After crossing the Bocca a Rera pass, follow a path through the Vergio forest, passing the Bocca San Petru.

16 km
Ascent / descent
+540 m / -740 m
Night at Col de Vergio
Day 6

Col de Vergio to Melarie Valley

The path through the Valdu Niellu forest is long but rolling, allowing you to make rapid progress. You'll pass the sheepfolds of E Radule, the ruins of Tulla and cross a footbridge over the waterfall in the Lonca valley. Continuing through the valley, you'll admire Laricio pines and natural pools, perfect for a swim. Following the Golo river, the longest in Corsica, the Ciottulu di i Mori refuge is revealed at the top of the valley. After climbing to the refuge, a rocky path leads to the Bocca di Fogiale pass. The steep descent offers views of the Paglia Orba, leading on to the Albertacce forest. A final climb takes you to the Vallone sheepfolds.

14,5 km
Ascent / descent
+810 m / -780 m
Night in Vallone
Day 7

Melarie Valley to Haut Asco

After half an hour's walk, you'll reach the Tighjettu refuge and then begin an intense 3-hour ascent over 1,000 metres of ascent through scree. At the summit, you'll discover the magnificent Lac du Cintu, often covered in snow. Monte Cintu can be seen a little further on. Following the western curve, you'll reach the Bocca Crucetta at an altitude of 2,456 metres, a popular spot for lunch breaks. The long, technical descent takes you past Lac d'Argentu and the Bocca Borba, with its passages equipped to aid progress. Finally, after crossing a wooded footbridge, you'll reach Ascu Stagnu.

NB: if the snow is too heavy at the start of the season, you may need to change stages to avoid the dangers.

9 km
Ascent / descent
+1260 m / -1230 m
Night in Haut Asco
Day 8

Haut Asco to Carrozzu

Starting from the Asco ski resort, the trail begins with an ascent towards the Bocca di Stagnu (1979m). Although this section is short in terms of distance, it is demanding due to its gradient and the type of terrain. From the pass, the GR20 continues along the ridge, offering impressive views over the Asco valley and the Gulf of Calvi. After passing the Bocca di a Muvrella and its lake, the landscape is mainly composed of majestic rock formations and stretches of scrubland. Descending towards the Refuge de Carrozzu, you cross a series of sloping rocky slabs, followed by the Spasimata footbridge. Some passages are secured by chains, but caution and concentration are essential.

5,5 km
Ascent / descent
+690 m / -860 m
Night in Carrozzu
Day 9

Carrozzu to Ortu di U Piobbu

Second to last stage of the GR20 North. From the refuge, the path runs alongside birch trees and follows the Spasimata stream up to the rocky areas between Punta Innominata and Punta Ghialla. A steep, technical scree slope will then take you to the plateau, the Bocca di l'Innominata, at an altitude of 1,912 metres. The view from here is exceptional, giving you the impression of overlooking all the bays in northern Corsica as far as the eye can see. The Bonifatu cirque is also revealed in all its mineral majesty. After crossing the Col d'Avartoli and rounding Capu Ladroncellu, the path gradually descends towards the refuge.

8 km
Ascent / descent
+1160 m / -870 m
Night in Ortu di U Piobbu
Day 10

Ortu di U Piobbu to Calenzana

On the final leg of the GR20 towards Calenzana, the route first passes through coniferous undergrowth leading to Capu Ghiovu. It then heads towards Capu di u Ravalente, passing through the Sambucu state forest. At Bocca u Corsu, you'll cross the Mare e Monti along an old mule track to the Ortiventi fountain. The final descent reveals a magnificent panorama of the Gulf of Calvi and the village of Calenzana.

11,5 km
Ascent / descent
+180m / -1460m

Programs have been drawn up according to the latest information available at the time of writing: imponderables are always possible and situations beyond our control may alter the course of the program.

Dates and prices

Departure everyday from early June to mid September. 2 persons minimum.

Please select your departure date from the calendar below to find out the rate and begin your booking.

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Price includes

Accommodation on full board (nights 1 to 9), picnic day 10, travel dossier with A4 copies of IGN maps, walking notes, GR20 pocket map and access to our guidance application. PLEASE NOTE some of these documents cannot be sent by file transfer.

Price does not include

Reservation fee of 5€ / person, travel insurance, drinks, picnic day 1, transfers to Vizzavona, travel to Corsica.


Supplement for luggage assistance by vehicle based on a group of 2 people with access on D5, D7 and D10, i.e. 3 times during the tour: €450/person. Rates for more than 2 people and group rates on request.

Supplement for 3 nights in twin/ double room in hotels (Vizzavona, Vergio, Haut Asco): 155 € / person


We offer comprehensive multi-risk insurance specifically adapted to our adventure trips (contract no. 7482 Assurinco). The rates are as follows: 4.00% of the price of the trip for French residents, 6% of the price of the trip for residents from the European Union (EU) outside France. For non-EU residents, the rate is €90 per person. See insurance details.

Group discount

Groups of 3 people or more can benefit from a discount. Please contact us for details.

Technical informations


At your accommodation in Vizzavona after 14h.


In Calenzana after your hike.


Ajaccio, Airport or Port. Bastia Airport or Port, Calvi Airport or Ile Rousse Port.


Dormitories in refuges and gîtes or in tents equipped with mattresses (showers and WC facilities are limited - sleeping bag is required).


  • Simple Continental breakfast (tea, coffee, milk, longlife bread, butter, jam).
  • Picnics (please bring a tupperware ).
  • Evening meal, often based on local specialities, including starter, main course and dessert.

Number of participants

Reservations for minimum of 2 participants. 


Tough - mountain trekking experience essential. Many steep climbs with off-trail sections, on ridges, slabs and rocks. Snow-covered passes at the start of the season. Handrails on the Cinto massif.

Please note that the GR20 is a very sporty route, and the free version is reserved for experienced walkers with mountaineering experience. Even if we have improved walking comfort, the ascents/descents and technical difficulties of the terrain are still there!


Self-Guided Walking. We provide you with a Travel Dossier complete with IGN map and Topoguide created by our team. During your hike our 24-hour assistance service will also be able to answer all your questions and, if necessary, bring you useful tips for the smooth running of your stay.

Luggage transfers

You carry all your personal belongings. We can also transport your luggage by vehicle, with access 3 times during the hike (see supplement).. 

The digital roadbook

Once you have confirmed your holiday, you can download our application. It's easy to use and it offers a number of functionalities:

  • Precise route guidance with alerts in the event of deviations.
  • View your starting point, accommodation, current position, mileage.
  • Discover points of interest via interactive content with descriptions, photos and audio. 
  • In an emergency, send an SOS alert with your GPS coordinates. 
  • Contact function to share messages, photos and videos with our team during your stay.


Take advantage of a stay extension during your tour with Corsica Aventure.

If you'd like to discover Corsica before or after your holiday, our team can offer you ideas for accommodation and activities. If you prefer to arrive a few days earlier or extend your stay for a few days, we can book your extra nights on the island, depending on your arrival city.

Here are a few hotels we recommend for those of you who would rather organise their extra days themselves:  


  • Hôtel Le Dauphin 2*/ Tél : 04 95 21 12 94.
  • Hôtel Kalliste 3* / Tél : 04 95 51 34 45.
  • Hôtel Albion 3* / Tél : 04 95 21 66 70.
  • Hôtel San Carlu 3* / Tél : 04 95 21 13 84.


  • Hôtel Bellevue / Tél : 04 95 76 01 86.
  • Gîte-hôtel U Fracintu / Tél : 04 95 76 15 05.


  • Hôtel Kallisté / Tél : 04 95 26 10 30.
  • Hôtel Le Belvédère / Tél : 04 95 26 12 01.
  • Hôtel Le Méditerranée / Tél : 04 95 26 10 27.


  • Hôtel Les Calanques / Tél : 04 95 27 82 08.
  • Hôtel Les Roches Rouges / Tél : 04 95 27 81 81.


  • Hôtel Belvédère 3* / Tél : 04 95 65 01 25.
  • Hôtel Les Arbousiers 2* / Tél : 04 95 65 04 47.
  • Hôtel Christophe Colomb 3* / Tél : 04 95 65 06 04.
  • Hôtel Balanea 3* / Tél : 04 95 65 94 94.


  • Best Western Montecristo Bastia / Tél : 04 95 55 05 10.


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