Visit Corsica in autumn

Discover Corsica

Corsica is decked out in its finest finery when autumn arrives: ruby and emerald vegetation overlooks a sapphire sea in the mild Indian summer climate. Autumn also marks the end of the tourist season in Corsica, and many changes accompany it. While some people go back to work, the island's tourist industry gradually closes its doors, welcoming visitors in a more intimate atmosphere, and taking advantage of the season to offer new activities!

Why discover Corsica in autumn? Here are 3 good reasons...

There really is such a thing as an Indian summer!

With milder temperatures, but still a warming sun (average temperature 22-25°C in September/October), it's possible to sunbathe on some of the most beautiful beaches on your own, or almost! A light seasonal breeze will allow you to bask in the sunshine, and it's even possible to kitesurf, windsurf and surf at certain spots. The walks in the mountains and along the coast are sublime. The sunlight reflected on the water and vegetation makes you feel as if you're on another planet. If you don't come across many hikers on the trails, you'll come across plenty of free-roaming animals: cows, sheep, pigs, wild boar, horses...

Local traditions and activities

The chestnut, a symbol in Corsica (one region even bears its name, Castagniccia, which means "chestnut grove"), is collected every day between September and October. A well-trained person can collect up to 200 kg a day! The annual harvest on the island of beauty amounts to almost 1,200 tonnes. As chestnut trees only grow at altitudes of between 400 and 800 metres, your harvesting day could be enhanced by a nice hike! If, however, you prefer to eat them (finished products or chestnut-based products), a chestnut fair is held every year in Bocognano (from 08 to 10 December this year).
Mushrooms are another pleasure to pick. There are 1,600 species in Corsica, but you'll only be able to taste around a hundred of them. Once again, a good walk in the forest will allow you to be the champion of the harvest! You'll find them along footpaths, ditches and embankments, on the edge of the forest and beside streams... Here are some tips on how to pick them.

The pleasures of the culinary arts 

After a day's sport on the coast or in the mountains, and the arrival of fresh produce at the market (or in your shopping basket), what's not to love? It's true that refreshing summer salads are very pleasant, but gourmet menus in front of a roaring fire are not to be sniffed at! You can enjoy your meal in many Corsican inns, listening to the sound of Corsican guitars and songs, and savour a good omelette with brocciu and fresh mint from November onwards...