Les oursinades

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During the off-season, while the roads are deserted and the mountains are covered in snow, the beaches remain alive with the famous "oursinades" on the island of beauty. The idea? Fish for sea urchins and eat them right on the beach!

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The sea urchin season in Corsica

Sea urchins can be fished and sold in Corsica from 15 December to 15 April each year.

Sea urchin fishing regulations

Beware of nature and the environment! The Corsican Regional Committee for Sea Fisheries and Marine Aquaculture authorises recreational fishermen (you, for example) to "catch and transport" a MAXIMUM of 3 dozen sea urchins per person. And for professionals, a maximum quota of 500 dozen sea urchins per boat per week, for the duration of the authorised fishing season.

Urchinade, a Corsican institution

When the sun comes out in winter, locals gather on the beach at weekends to enjoy Corsican caviar! The most courageous arrive on the beach around 8/9am, put on their full wetsuits and throw themselves into the water for several hours, armed with a knife and a large bucket. The cooler ones arrive later to 'set the table' on the sand, and usually bring along some accompaniments that go well with sea urchins: bread and wine!

If you prefer to be served, you can also enjoy this seafood in the many restaurants along the coast of Corsica.