Walking and active holidays in Corsica

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Destination Corsica

Some say “once you go to Corsica it captures your heart”, and we can certainly vouch for that! It is the island adventure holiday destination “par excellence”. With its warm Mediterranean climate and its breathtaking scenery, Corsica – L’Ile de Beauté, is the perfect destination for an active holiday in the French Mediterranean. Discover for yourself this wonderful Mediterranean jewel…

Corsican active or walking holidays can be great throughout the year as the climate is pleasantly mild in comparison with mainland France and in the 19th Century the British flocked to Ajaccio and Ile Rousse to escape the harsh long winters in the UK. It is not unusual to find that the islands high mountains still have snow as late as June, but in spring and autumn, the island is at its best, with the colourful, maquis covered hillsides filled with the heady scent of lavender, juniper, myrtle, rosemary and cistus. With bright and sunny days throughout spring, the sea is usually warming up by May, making the best months to visit for a summer holiday May to October.

For those who look for culture on an active holiday, Corsica’s heritage remains intact, the Greeks, Romans, Pisans, Genoese and French have ruled the island over history and have left their mark in the landscapes of Corsica. From the many prehistoric sites including Filitosa, to the Genoese watchtowers that top most of the headlands, Corsica is a dream for all history enthusiasts and adventurers alike. Corsican’s themselves are a people rich in traditions – proud of their heritage, extremely friendly and generous, and with their own language, music and beliefs. The emblem of Corsica is the Moor’s Head or “Tête de Maur” a symbol dating back to medieval times and it can be seen throughout the island on everything from locally produced goods to official buildings and property.

Corsica is very keen to avoid mass tourism and even with much development over recent years, this is still the case. A natural island paradise with secluded spots to be found even in July and August, Corsica draws you in with its immense  beauty and is ideal for either a relaxing or a more active adventure holiday.