Walking and active holidays in Corsica


Why lovers of the outdoors should head to Corsica

Le 16/01/2019

With mountains making up two-thirds of its landmass, a stunning coastline and a rich diversity of habitats, there is little wonder that Corsica is such a magnet for lovers of the outdoors, writes Michael Cowton, a journalist we invited to explore South Corsica with us late last year.


He only spent a short time in Corsica, but it proved long enough for him to experience a land of both natural and savage beauty. From its sharply sculpted coastal rock formations, to its scented woodland and sweeping valleys, its coastal towns and mountain villages seemingly suspended in a time warp, and not to forget its charming, hospitable people, the island is packed full of rewards for the visitor seeking outdoor adventure, history or culture. Whatever your pleasure, you will not be disappointed.

We enjoyed his trip, showing him around our playground was fun, read about his trip in full here.