Walking and active holidays in Corsica

Succeed your GR20

The difficulty of the GR20 is well known. As well as being prepared physically, you need to choose your equipment really carefully. If you want to get the best out of the experience, make sure you pack the right gear and the main idea is to travel as light as you can.

The main idea is to travel light, don’t weigh yourself down with a huge backpack.

Trail shoes and boots

Of all the items you will be buying for your trek, your footwear has got to be the most important choice you make. Wheather you buy low cut trail shoes, or boots with ankle support, they must have an excellent grip sole, a sole that sticks to the rock with maximum adherence.  They should be at  least a size bigger than your everyday shoes. Your feet will swell due to the constant ascents, descents and the heat.

Walking sticks

Two trekking poles will change the way you walk completely. They take the weight off your knees and feet, reducing considerably the wear and tear. I do not take a step without my poles, they give me extra security, I can recuperate a slip that might have finished in a fall. I go much faster, having four points of contact with the ground. They help my progression for both the uphill and downhill sections. My poles are light weight and fold up easily, if I need to put them away.

Hydration bag

I strongly advise you to replace your water bottle with a soft hydration pack. This has several advantages, firstly, it is convenient, and you won’t be wasting valuable time getting your water bottle in and out of your rucksack. Drinking regularly, on the go, keeps you better hydrated, and your hands are always free with this system. You can pack the soft reservoir in your rucksack making it comfortable and evenly balanced. Most importantly, you don’t have to break your walking rhythm every time you want to drink.

Security – The weather is often severe and unpredictable. Always have a good gortex waterproof, hat and gloves in your backpack. Cold weather gear and sun protection are essential.