Walking and active holidays in Corsica

Just another summer in Corsica?

Just another summer in Corsica?

As we look back on the 2021 season, it is with a little remorse as we saw few of our overseas guests that we enjoy welcoming to Corsica. Our English team were despatched to help out with logistics, picnics and our guided groups, where they took duty phone calls, transferred clients and dealt with guides on the terrain.

Despite COVID restrictions it really seemed like business as usual on the GR20 with our busiest year yet on the trail and tourists were not missing in Corsica. With a distinct absence of international walkers, the French travelled to Corsica “en masse” and made up the majority of our hikers this year. They enjoyed open natural landscapes and great views on the terrain, fabulous weather and relative freedom in these difficult times.

We did have a few trail blazing walkers, Americans, Brits and Scandanavians who braved the sometimes complicated travel restrictions to enjoy their holidays in Corsica.

Henry, a UK traveller whose holiday in 2020 was thwarted by COVID who travelled with us this year said "The walk itself and scenery was so enjoyable, and allowed us to experience Corsica in the way that only walking allows. The logistics were faultless. The accommodation was varied of course, but overall absolutely fine. I would like to thank you for the patience you showed during the pandemic, which got in the way of our planning. Using an agency such as your’s provides added value, and this was amply demonstrated in our experience."

Richard from the US said after his GR20 trip with us in September wrote “I'm writing to thank you for all the helpful support that you gave me prior to hiking the GR20. I asked so many questions and you answered them all. It helped me so much to prepare for the trek. I was very impressed with your help, and the support that I received from Corsica Aventure in general. I would not hesitate to book with you again.  The hike itself was tremendous. The GR20 lived up to the hype and it was the most challenging, most satisfying, and by far the best adventure of my life. The people on the trail were wonderful, the mountains so beautiful, and the experience unforgettable. I loved Corsica and I hope to hike the GR20 again someday.”

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