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GR20 Records

The GR20 is considered the hardest long distance trail and for most people the trail takes two around weeks, a challenge at the best of times. Imagine the exploit to run it in just over thirty hours, that is just what Lambert Santelli, a 34 year old from Lavatoghju in the Balagne near Calvi did !

The Corsican trail runner Lambert Santelli broke the record for crossing the legendary GR20 in late June 2021, with a 41 minutes advance on the previous record and swallowing the 180 km race and 14,000 meters of vertical drop of the Corsican trail in just 30 hours and 25 minutes. We find this amazing as the terrain is particularly technical, rough and rocky with numerous scrambling sections.

Francois d’Haene is held the record from 2016, he was just 31 when he got the title of GR20 record man. Previous record holders include Guillaume Peretti, who is Corsican and completed it in 32 hours. Before this, it was held by Kilian Jornet who is a Catalan elite athlete and completed it in 32h52. Who will try next to beat this?