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GR20 Experts

Corsica Aventure organise specialize in the GR20, a legendary trek with 180kms of varied and extremely tough walking. We have been doing this for the last 20 years and we have learnt a fair bit along the way, earning us the title of Corsica’s most experienced and trusted adventure operator.

The GR20

Open from late May to the end of September, the GR20 is very testing for even the most confident walker. To walk it you need to be sure footed and know how to place your feet on rocky ground. We know that the GR20 requires certain balance, agility and co-ordination. If you have vertigo you will find this walk difficult and unpleasant and if you have an injury, it is really not the right time to undertake this trek. At Corsica Aventure we can help you understand the challenge that is the GR20 and make planning and walking your GR20 stress free.

The GR20 with Corsica-Adventure has been specially recommended in the 'Rough Guide to Ultimate Adventures'.

For the total of walkers that set out alone on the trail each summer,  only 30%  see it through to the end. You need to ask yourself the right questions before you start and pick the right formula for you.   Don’t under estimate the difficulty involved,  the trek is classed as the hardest of all the GR walks on French territory and there are many other factors that make it one of the toughest treks out there!

Calenzana to Conca GR20
GR20 Rotundo Muratello Hiking the GR
GR20 Guided Trek

Our formulas on the GR20

Our GR20 Treks

Our GR20 Team

We have a strong team of Mountain Guides that work in the summer, and an important office team many of whom hold the ‘IML’ International Mountain Leader qualification.  With our shared mountain knowledge, we can safely say we know the terrain better than anyone else!  We have good working relationship with the mountain community including shepherds, refuge guardians, transporters etc who all are there to make our treks.  

At Corsica Aventure, we have been responsible for bringing about a lot of the changes over the years. It is still undoubtedly the hardest long distance trail in Europe but conditions have evolved.  Corsica Aventure was the first company to offer pre-reserved night stops, to organize food in the refuges and to incorporate stays in private shepherd’s cabins.   We were also the first to offer the GR20 self guided walking holidays. Today, we are proud to have a whole range of GR20 holiday options, a luggage moving service, guided, comfortable hotels, or just plain keeping it simple camping at refuges. 

Of the walkers we help, both self-guided or guided, the large majority finish the trek.