Walking and active holidays in Corsica

Hike the GR20 with our App

For our self-guided GR20 Hikes, we offer you the corresponding GPS track integrated into our hiking app. Our app allows hikers on the GR20 to find their way easily on the trails, learn about the mountain environment.

The Corsica Aventure GR20 App

At Corsica Aventure, we have developed a smartphone application to facilitate your GR20, enrich your experience, keep in touch with you and always offer you more security. Even when you are out of network, you benefit from reliable navigation via GPS, from the start of the hike to your refuge. Every moment you know where you are !

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Corsican Mountain Information

Summits to visit, variants, good addresses en route, view points... we offer you the right information in the right place. As you approach, a notification is triggered; we share with you our knowledge of the nature, history and culture of the Corsican Mountains and the GR20

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Contact us or the Emergency Services

From your application, whether on the trail or at the refuge, you can send us a message, a photo, a video, in order to share your experience, ask us a question or even let us know about a problem and post a note on the itinerary. The SOS page informs you of your position at +/- 10 m. You can text us this position or call the emergency services directly and send them your location. Saving time for greater responsiveness.

Our Treks on the GR20

Self-Guided GR20 treks, or Guided hiking, find your GR20 with the experts.