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GR20 Self Guided

The GR20 is the finest and hardest long distance mountain walk and we help you rise to the challenge. We organise your GR20, booking refuges and hotels, meals and luggage transfers, and transfers to the trail. We provide comprehensive walking notes and maps for you to make your GR20 trek an amazing experience.

GR20 "Self Guided" with Corsica Aventure

Corsica Aventure specialize in GR20 hiking, and our GR20 treks have been specially recommended in the Rough Guide to Ultimate Adventures. Spectacular scenery and an unforgettable experience are reserved for those who are prepared to do a really serious trekking challenge.

This Grand Randonnee hiking trail between Calenzana in the north and Conca is one of the most challenging long distance trails in the world. The rocky terrain, arid and very technical on the GR20 north and the greener and more rolling stages on the GR20 South are a great challenge. The trail negotiates nearly 200 km of rugged alpine terrain, with considerable daily ascents and descents over Corsica’s high granite peaks.

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Highlights of the GR20

The BEST GR20 stages with comfort of a Hotel, find your GR20 with the experts.

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