Walking and active holidays in Corsica

GR20 in Hotels

The accommodation generally on the classic GR20 is simple and rustic, if you don't want to rough it on your GR20, we can reserve the trek accommodation at nearby Mountain hotels, off trail and provide a short transfer to the trailhead when necessary.

Hotels on the GR20 with Corsica Aventure

The GR20 is a trek that is a real challenge, a Corsican adventure in its own right. These Mediterranean mountains sometimes turn out to be hostile, and the trail normally offers only basic accommodation conditions. We invite you to discover the this mythical and legendary route, staying in comfortable hotels, which will allow you to easily reach the trailheads after a short transfer. We have carefully selected the most beautiful and emblematic sections for you. This circuit remains sporty, it requires endurance and a good physical condition.

Our Treks on the GR20

Self-Guided GR20 treks, or Guided hiking, find your GR20 with the experts.