Walking and active holidays in Corsica

Holiday Grading

Trip Grading

We grade our active holidays to help you make your choice. The levels of difficulty are described as Gentle, Moderate, Challenging & Tough. If you are unsure of your level, or would like more information on our different ‘styles’ of walking, cycling or multi active holidays, please do not hesitate to contact our knowledgeable reservations team.

Level 1 - Gentle

Accessible to all who are fit and healthy, who regularly practice some sport. These holidays are ideal as a first taste of an active holiday, without any significant difficulties or technical sections.

  • Walking Holidays :  Our gentle walks have 3-4 hours of effective walking with ascents of between 300 and 500m per day. Accessible to occasional walkers and to anyone in good health, you don’t have to be a seasoned hiker to enjoy these walks and they are good for a first taste at a walking holiday. We aim to make our gentle walks interesting, taking in the culture of the island.
  • Cycling Holidays : Easy going stages of 10 to 20 km per day. Ascents of around 500m per day. Circuits designed with families and easy going cyclists, who want landscapes and culture.

Level 2 - Moderate

These holidays are ideal for those who are looking for an active holiday, accessible to those who practice a sport regularly you need to be fit and healthy.

  • Walking Holidays : from 4 h to 5 h walking per day on paths that don't present any technical difficulties asuch. An average of 500m to 700m ascent per day and aimed at those who walk regularly.
  • Cycling Holidays : stages from 20 km to 40 km per day. A maximum of 1000 m ascent per day. Aimed at those who cycle regularly and who have had previous cycling holidays.

Level 3 - Challenging

These holidays require you to be fit. You practice around 3 hours sport per week and you have already been on many active holidays.

  • Walking Holidays : Challenging walks are 5-7 hours effective walking per day on varied and rough terrain, such as scree. You need to be sure footed and able to walk uphill for between 600 to 1000m per day comfortably at a steady rhythm. You need good stamina and the ability to adapt to different weather conditions.
  • Cycling Holidays : Stages of 40 km to 70 km per day. Ascents of around 1500 m per day. You are a frequent cyclist who can master the effort involved.

Level 4 - Tough

A very fit and health physical condition is required for these holidays, you should train and you have the stamina to push for a number of days. You are a frequent hiker or cyclist and you practice this sport whenever possible.

  • Walking Holidays : This strenuous grade requires that you are fit and have good trekking experience. The walks are long between 6-9 hours a day, maybe more. You can expect steep uphill and downhill sections with maybe up to 1000m altitude gain some days. The temperatures will range and weather conditions can be severe. Some days may require light backpacking.
  • Cycling Holidays : stages from 70 km to 140km per day. Climbs of up to 2500 m per day. Much experience in cycling and a frequent practice of the sport.

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Effective times

Times should be used as a rough indication; they have been calculated on an overall average of many people who have completed this itinerary. Effective walking or cycling times do not take into consideration stops to eat, rest, pauses and orientation time, so you must add on the necessary time needed for breaks. Timings are approximate, take into account the varying terrain, your own speed and how long during the day you like to stop for. It’s essential that you allow considerably more time than has been indicated when judging your day’s timings. We advise you to set out early, get the majority of the walking done in the morning to arrive mid afternoon at the overnight stop.

Active Children

All children are different, we know from experience! Generally, we accept children on our trips from 12 years of age, but certain holidays are possible with much younger children, especially if they are active. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have a hill walking 6 year old, or an alpine toddler in a carrier, as there are a number of holidays which would be suitable for the more adventurous family.

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