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Corsica Aventure is the leading independent mountain walking holiday specialist in Corsica. We have 15 years experience of organizing trekking, family and cycling holidays in the mountains. We have developed a varied choice of active holidays for both self guided and guided groups. We also have a selection of holidays that are groups made up of French walkers and a local guide. This is a great way to be totally submerged in the culture and brush up on your French!

Our Favorites

Our Guided Trips - French or English groups

Our most popular guided trip is ’The real GR20 tough version.’ We share this trek with the top tour operator, KE Adventure Travel. You can be sure that we pack a lot in during this two weeks, there is nothing left out on the way!
Our other guided holidays are comprised of French walkers and French speaking guide. This can be the perfect way to improve your French, in a lively, social environment. You combine great walking with the opportunity to understand and make yourself understood in another language. Chat with your walking companions and make language learning an enjoyable experience.

Our Guided Trips

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written by Gregory Witt